Focus on the details to ensure success

HS&R , employs a “Solution” based approach to every client. We tailor each Client’s deliverables based on their objectives, maximizing results with our Retailer/Customer base. Our methodology is to match our Clients strengths with our Retailer/ Customers available programming, via creative and analytical diagnostics. Our “Hands-on” and relationship driven approach delivers results!

Business Management Tools

  • Vendor Plus Seat
  • Raley’s e-contracts
  • Unified Tony’s Market Centre Vendor Portal
  • Promotion /Display Tracking
  • Pricing validation
    • Regular retail
    • Promotional Validation
    • Weekly Ad Tracking
  • Trade Management Systems


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Forecasting and Program Evaluations

Schematic Analysis and Headquarter Follow Up

  • Schematic Access
  • Validate that the new and current items are included in the appropriate schematics
  • Schematic Development Software